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how you spell desperation. a tale of trains.


This is also a tale of a mother bored. On a Sunday Letty came down with her first fever of the year. Which is par for the course as far as she is concerned. Anyone with any tips as to how to build up her immunity I am allllll ears. Anyways she missed school on Monday which greatly pained me. I tried to hold my own little school for her which if you know Letty is a thing that just works out so very well for us. I knew she would be going over the letter 'A' had she been at school so I thought hey. Attempt 83,625 to teach her her letters. Why not make it the one that sticks?

Spoiler alert: it didn't work. What was the letter you learned today dear Letty? FOUR. 


Tuesday brought with it two feverless children and a stir crazy mother. And the plan for the day looked something like this: pediatrician for flu shots (kick em while they're down is always my motto), Country Barn Market for pumpkins, Carter's Outlet, Christmas Tree Hill Outlet, Strasburg Railroad for Thomas and Percy viewing, Chick-Fil-A, Target, Old Navy, home. 

Did we complete the aforementioned feats? Why yes, we did. I only had to pick David up off the floor of some public place 73 times. Cover his mouth as he screamed upon exiting five times. Forgot the stroller at home one time (rookie move Laur). Bribed with assorted snacks and false promises of a time out 34 times... You get the gist. David was having none of it. And I am far too stubborn to call it a day when a day should be called. Just like Patton I push through. 

I have no photos of the Barn Market which is a shame because it is really a cute place. Cows and baked goods and on the weekends hayrides and pumpkin picking. Oh and a parrot - watch out - he bites! 

But the highlight for the day and the main reason for all the venturing out into the world was Strasburg Railroad. And Thomas and Percy too. We visited Thomas in the beginning of the summer and that was all well and good. But this time Percy was here! And I knew enough not to purchase a ticket and just see the engines (really useful ones at that) come in and come out of the station. David takes his trains very seriously. 

After the show that the entire day was I rewarded Letty by letting her paint her chosen pumpkin, a bribe for her earlier shot in the arm. And that shirt she's wearing? Yeah I made that. Many moon ago when when puffy paints were a trend and jellies were on my feet. 

I wish I could say we all slept well that night, but as any parent knows a jam packed day full of activities tends to backfire. But knowing what I know now I would still do the same day over again. Because I had things I wanted to do. That's why. And I'm the mom. I make the rules. 

All the rules.



  1. 'Because I'm mom and I make the rules' hahaha you crack me up.. And are brave. I hope when I have two kids I don't become a hermit. I will read your blog for inspiration.

  2. OMG! So cool! I used to nanny for a kid obsessed with trains...he called himself train joke! So this took me back!

  3. Good for you mama to push through. It doesn't get any easier once the tantrums start. I usually try and pack a lot of running around into one day, just get the battle over with. haha! Unless I actually want to shop and look around, then I wait for Chris to play babysitter.

  4. Just when I think David can't look anymore like Matt. I mean really. Looks like a fun day minus the temper tantrums ;)

  5. What a day. You are a rock star fir persevering through it all. And to be willing to do it all again. Gold star for you. :) oh puffy paint and jellies. Memories.

  6. hahaha, omg that is the longest list ever. I'd never get that done. Publix AND Target in one day is like whoa nelly doing all the things.

  7. It's 4 am and it just ate my comment. So the wit, intelligence and insight of my comment has been lost to the world forever. It's society's loss quite frankly.

  8. mamas!! cute babies!! and haha i laugh at your kick em while they're down motto! ha!! also ummmm i had a puffy paint shirt with the exaaaact same collar dots!!!!

  9. Oh girl...gotta love the school sickness, right? Glad she's better...and four isn't a letter? Damn.

  10. I wonder where David gets that stubborn streak from...

  11. sounds like a wild day. also super well written. just saying :)


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