glittered acorns. a fall diy failure.

Not all diy's turn out the way you expected. I've been quite lucky in this department heretofore. So call this an exercise in what not to do. Realness and all that.

The diy: glittered acorns in assorted fall colors. 
The inspiration: these sculpted beauties found on Etsy.
The players: my sister and I with a little help from Letty and my mom, the supply backer. She has all the craft supplies. All the time.

In theory we thought we could throw the acorns into a cup of glue and then throw them into a cup of glitter. And then dry. Simple enough. I feel like we should have realized it was too simple. We are educated women after all. Especially Beth.

They turned out like this, a glittered blob that does in fact, not, look like an acorn.

It used a ton of glitter for results like this, with a lot of glitter being wasted and sticking within the cup. As seen below... Letty chose purple by the way. We need to work on the definition of what is a Fall color.

Finer glitter seemed to work better, as did pouring the glitter over the acorns after removing them from the now watered down glue. Straws. We were grasping at them.

Then I tried dipping the acorn in glue but not covering the "hat" and then just shaking a wee bit of glitter on that portion. See gold acorn below. GREAT SUCCESS. Or not so much.

Failure failure failure. But we tried. And hey. Penn State won so we got free coffee too. And now we know. It ain't gonna work.