five things my kids are doing these days

1 - My mom and I have been trying unsuccessfully for months to get David to tell us he loves us. He picked up signing 'all done' completely out of left field and we even tried that. To no avail. Well this week I tickled him relentlessly until he told me that he loved me. I made it happen.

2 - On Letty's first official day of preschool she told me that a little girl asked to play with her and she said yes. But that another little girl said no. I'm trying to figure out which little girl in this scenario is played by Letty. I am only hoping it was the kind, inclusive girl.

3 - My belly is having a party and only Dom and I are invited. I'm not quite sure if he is just more active than the other two babies I've carried or I am just more intentional about it all, but I don't remember actually being kept awake by the acrobatics before.

4 - David has self-taught himself all his colors from YouTube videos. Green was stumping him for quite some time but he finally figured that out. He can pretty much recognize and tell you what any letter is. And he can count to three by way of eight. He's just so smart Jenny. Yes I am bragging. Letty still thinks she is two years old and throws a thirty-teen in her counting for good measure so.... all my eggs. Straight into David's basket.

5 - Letty has been attempting new foods. She is willing to try one bite and one bite only. Four is fun. I like it. I'm kind of glad that she doesn't like stuffing because. My peanut. But I am glad she's branching out of her stuck in a rut tree.

And that's that. Some happenings from my two (and a half) children these days. Making mems. One day at a time.



  1. glad you say 2.5 kids bc that's what i say. til he's out anyway. also #4 cracked me up. allll of it. all eggs.

  2. Mine did a lot of acrobatics in the womb! She is still a mover and a shaker now!

  3. Love it, and love the baby acrobatics. Dom and Soph must be practising for an in utero dancing with the stars. She is kicking it like tae bo. 24/7.

  4. bahaha I love the tickle technique. Storing that one away. I'd love to hear Aria say her name. And I'm gonna steal the comment and say Aria can 'count' to 3 but skips 1. So basically she will say 2 and 3. I find it to be extra cute. I always liked when I could see the thumps in the tummy. She would kick the heck out of me if I rolled on my stomach. No way mom you are smooshing me.

  5. All mine kept me awake at night with the constant moving, if I was sitting or laying down they were like "nope get up" just like as if they were out of the womb!


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