fall decor in a new house

Otherwise known as shopping within your own home. Which is exactly what it felt like. I laid out all my fall items and just chose a piece and placed it here or there and then maybe I moved it a few times... and after all that I would repeat the process again until there was nothing left. It may only be the second of September but that doesn't stop me. When has it ever? The second of September kicks off the best time of the year. Remember, remember the second of September. Or something like that. 

The wreath that originally called my mantle home had to find a new home since my mantle is decked out with a fine large mirror in this house. Our dining room table's last days are numbered. We shall be handing off the Olsen Table Torch to another set of Olsens whilst we receive another family treasure. I love that owl. He is the cutest. I have  about a hundred different chalkboard walls in mind and I can't wait to change them, weekly maybe? I was actually crafty if you can call it that when just scissors and paper are involved... The hand-print wreath and those paper pumpkins in the playroom were the result of that. I haven't decorated the outside of my house yet (meaning a wreath and some pumpkins) because I prefer my neighbors not to be privy to my particular breed of crazy. And I love my new lantern purchased with some birthday money. The end.

Last year's fall decor here.

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