fall bucket list. the 2014 version.

Oh how I am a sucker for all things in a list format. If you can involve Fall that is absolute perfection. Lists help organize the chaos both in real life and in my head. Fall kicks off the best time of the year (in my opinion) and I go a bit nuts for the next four months as I'm sure you've heard a time or two.

As I prepare this list my home is of course fully decorated for the season (duh). Casper is on in the background and I'm smelling my lovely Autumn Wreath candle. It's the start of something wonderful. Hopefully this year the weather will stay nice and fall-like and won't hit highs in the 80's in November. I'm looking at you 2013. Side eye.

- Anxiously awake another birth of another niece in October! Yay!
- Pumpkin picking and a hayride through an orchard with a baby and some family and some friends.
- Pick apples with my madre and my newly available sister.
- Start preschool and spend only one day whimpering in the parking lot mourning the loss of my baby girl.
- Carve the above pumpkins.
- Figure out life and a routine now that I am a one-child mama three mornings a week. Toddler Gym? Library? What shall it be?
- Corn Cob Acres yet again! Too bad I can't really bounce on those things again. Hmmm...
- Decide upon a Halloween costume for each kid. Then have a successful Trick-or-Treat night now that we don't have the neighbor loves right next door. Tear.
- Gettysburg day trip with whoever is up to the task.
- Hit up the Manheim Farm Show more than once because now! I am a Manheim resident! Lunch anyone?
- Why not hit up the Farm Show parade while I'm at it?
- Happy Hauntings at DW quite a few times and definitely once when it's night-time. Mama needs her candy.
- Actually make a stove top potpourri thing. It made the list last year but didn't make reality.
- Fall movies! Casper, Hocus Pocus (which was a first time for me last year and I can see it becoming a regular in my holiday movie rotation), Spookley the Square Pumpkin, and maybe a Harry Potter or three.
- Try really hard to love what the blogging community calls a PSL. I really want to love it. I do. It's unlike me not to. I shall try again.
- Get a cute fall shot of the kids.

And of course for historical purposes my look how they have grown!

2013's Fall Bucket List here.

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