diy butcher block island countertop

This project has been waiting in the wings not so patiently for the entirety of our living here. Possibly longer. Yes. Most definitely longer. The old island looked like this:

It was on wheels which always threw anyone for a loop who happened to lean on it. And it wasn't very large. I wanted space. Wide open spaces. And stools for the kids to sit and have their breakfast or do their homework and what not. 

Originally we planned on real butcher block. But the prices made us go.... Ehhhhh. Then we thought: Ikea! And that left us scratching our heads as their faux butcher block only came in countertop depths and well we wanted a larger island. A little pinteresting. A little discussion with my Handy Matty. And here we have our solution! As told by the handyman himself:

I took a sheet of sanded birch plywood and cut it down to the size we needed. I attached 1x3" trim pieces to the ends to make a lip. I then used a stain and poly combo to save some time at the end. I stained the entire countertop and allowed it to dry over night. 

I then used masking tape (or painters tape if you happen to have some but we are fresh out) to give it a faux butcher block look and kept taping it off and staining until I had multiple layers of stain. After that I coated it all again with a layer of stain/poly. I used liquid nails to attach it to the old countertop and screwed it from the bottom as well. And the wheels are no more.

Me again. The stools are a Target find ($15!) and I just spray painted the hades out of them. Three cans. I kid you not. And I could probably still spray some more. Such a pain painting stools I'll tell you. But here it is in all it's faux butcher block glory. Not too bad for under say... $70. And it's huuuuge. And I love it.

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  1. This looks beautiful. One of my fav things about a kitchen is an eat-in area... perfect at your island/stool area. Great job Matt!

  2. Tape! Clever! Who woulda thunk! It looks majestic. And hooray for not rolling away when leaned upon.

  3. I'm sitting at said butchers block and I can say that I love it :) also I will probably copy you w the stools :) fact

  4. That is gorgeous! Love it. Great job HM. :)

  5. You guys are blowin me away with your diy-ness! This came out great!!

  6. Love this!!! Wow I need to get me one of those Matty's!!

  7. This turned out so well! Looks awesome!

  8. OMG GIRL! This is so fab!! (and yes, totally stalking you..can't sleep!) I was seriously debating butcher block in our kitchen but Nick was against it.. it looks so great! You are so awesome!

  9. I love the way you cheated the look of butcher block! I really want to redo my counter tops in butcher block.

  10. how did you guys attach the lips to the edges?

    1. Yes we did we used 1x3 inch pieces to make a lip.


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