bumpgate. week 26

26 weeks. You saucy minx you. I'm almost to the third trimester and that is really just coming up sooo very quickly. Before you know it Dom will be running towards his preschool classroom and I'll be sitting in the van all alone with a bottle of red. Wait what?

Boy/girl, girl/boy| There is a very proud and very confident young boy inside there. When we found out the gender Matt didn't send a photo of his face around to his brothers, he sent around a photo of the anatomical portion. Boys. Oh what fun I have in store for my future. 

The icks| I don't eat a lot. At meal time I should say. Mostly just one helping and less on the meat and more on the starch side of the track. And I mean. Yum.

The LB's| My last appointment got a grimace from my nurse practitioner but I maintain that was just coming off the holiday weekend and one too many helpings of mac and cheese. Because that's something I cannot say no to. Even though I know it hurts me. But I checked again and again since then and I'm up 10 pounds. I don't think that's horribly bad do you? No.

The eats| Iced Tea. Does that count as an eat? No I'm quite sure it doesn't. But I just love it. With Letty it was Snapple. With David I just don't remember what it was.... and now I'm back to tea. I like to eat chips too. See aforementioned grimace from the nurse eh? I blame the Utz Factory.

The movings around happening on the inside| There is a lot going on in there. Dom and I bond. No hiccups to be found but just plain movement. Letty felt him kick which was pretty amazing to see, as she could have cared less about her other brother and belly movement. People can see my stomach move which is always quite entertaining.

On the nesting front| All the nesting. All the organizing. All the cleaning. It's happening all around. Partially it's nesting and partially it's all a defense mechanism for the loss of my eldest a few mornings a week. I get a lot done though. That's for sure. The nursery is totally done. All of David's clothes are unpacked and organized by type/size (did you expect anything less?) for Dominic. I have been experimenting with a new cleaning schedule... one that has stood the test of time through two other children and a move.... but I think what it's turning in to will suit me best.