and that's how chips are made little jimmy.

My one and only girlfriend from college was visiting over this past weekend. Oh have you wondered how I know dear Kerri? My Floridian Friend? Well that is how. College and our resting bitchy faces.


She is kind enough to visit me yearly and I do my best to fill the days with all sorts of fun things. Like touring the Utz Factory and checking out the outlet store. I've never done a factory tour. Well, not that I can remember. It was free. That's nice. The facility looks like it was decorated in the 70's and not touched since. But seeing the potatoes come in and the chips come out was pretty sweet. The kids enjoyed running up and down the hall and standing on those little risers so they could wave to the staff below. They also enjoyed the free bag of chips awaiting them at the end. We weren't supposed to bring in cameras, I imagine for trade secrets and such, so iPhone photos it is. 

Then we drove up the road to their outlet store. Where we bought a seventy-five gallon drum of cheese balls for $6.99. The entire reason for the drive to Hanover to be honest. 

Our pantry has never been so stock full of snacky goodness. It's quite damaging to my goal weight. 

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