and off young lady. into the great wide world.

Friday was Letty's first day of preschool. Technically. Although on this particular first day we got to accompany her, at least for a little. She was up bright and early at 6:30 fully dressed and itching to go. Her father and I on the other hand? Well that hour could have never come and we would have been alright. She could have held on to my finger all day and the next twenty days if she saw fit.

When we first got to her classroom we did a scavenger hunt. Where is your cubby and your pencil case and the crayons and so forth. After hanging up her summer fun picture on the wall she got some candy for completing her exploration. We did some playing with the toys but then the parents left for a meeting with the teacher going over "class" stuff. Who brings snack and what the day will look like and so on. And then we went to another room for a meeting with the director of the school. Explaining drop offs and pick ups and the special days coming up in the fall. I wasn't prepared to leave her on Friday. It's best they just ripped that band-aid off with little ceremony. She asked why I was leaving and then found herself some markers and sat down with a little boy named Max to color. I listened to the meetings and fought back the tears that came for no apparent reason. She will play on the playset? Tears. She will do a nativity play? Tears. She will be removed from my car by a teacher on Monday and go off without me? Tears. She will memorize my cell phone number? Tears. But it is just the start... Later that night I let them all come out when she couldn't see me. Or hear me. I'm such a strong emotional pillar of strength.

When she ran up to us after her first day she hugged me sooo tight and said she missed us SO MUCH. I looked to the director with tears in my eyes and she told me I'd do just fine.... We've all been there and some such nonsense. No one else looked sad though so I call bluff. 

Getting kids to tell you about their day.... Like pulling teeth already and she is only four. Heaven help me.

Me: how did it go? Did you have fun?
L: yes. 
Me: what did you do!?
L: I don't know.

Me: did you have a snack?
L: yes, pretzels.
Me: did you have a drink?
L: yeah water but in a cup with no lid

Me: did you go the bathroom?
L: yes I did and they have TWO stools!
Me:  did you wash your hands?
L: yes a girl left the water on for me. 
Me: did you thank her?
L: yup. 

Me: did you make any friends?
L: no. I played by myselfs. 

Me: did you read a story?
L: no but I sat on the rug.

And so it continues....

She showed me her communication folder and her papers. She told me she needs to wear sneakers for the park (playground). And it seems to be alright. There are real actual problems in the world and some parents would love to have a healthy little girl leaving them for preschool. And I'm so so lucky. I know that. That will be my mantra as I pull away from her this morning. 

Once more unto the breach dear friend....

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