an attempt at a fall photo

I used to think the biggest hurdle when it came to photos of my kids was finding the appropriate outfit. It's alllll in the outfit. Normally this isn't too difficult because as all our clothes come from The House of Stephanie I know I'll find plenty of wonders to wear for them, most likely already color coordinated and themed.

Once that's done and they are dressed and the hair is done and proper footwear donned it's location scouting time. As this day was raining I was scouting around the indoor portion of our world. I was picturing fall and so the fireplace had to do. 

And so here are the best shots. We also attempted a cousin shot for Nonna. Attempted. Lena is such a diva she gave me sooooo much trouble. 

I am sarcastic by nature. 

I always forget things until after my attempted "photo shoot" is done. These things being...

- Never attempt a do over. You have one shot at this. I did my kids first and then a half hour or so later wanted to try with Lena as well. You can see that this worked out so well for me.

- Prepare the background first. Chairs and pillows and lighting. And get your camera ready to go. You have to be quicker than them. Lens cover off. Power button on. Strap the hell out of the way.

- Bribes. When it came time for the cousin shot I was begging David to sit down. I had to bust out a chocolate chip cookie. Be prepared to give one to every other child with teeth too. When Letty was David's age it was fruit snacks. One fruit snack per good smile. At least fruit snacks didn't interfere with the picture.

- Don't expect perfection. Someday when I look back on these I'll remember the sound David made when he was trying to get away from his sister's hug. Or the way he says cheeeeeeese every time even if he is running across the room. Fleeting moments.... These.