who letty is at four years.

Oh my Letteria. It's no secret that she tests me. And she tests me good. She pushes my buttons every single day from sun up to sun down (but Matt insists this is just because she is a mirror of myself, and since naturally I am always right I technically cannot agree with him.). She's my sidekick though. My little partner of mostly legs and lots of curls. I'm going to be quite the sad panda when she leaves me next month for a few hours (three days a week!) for school. I'll be able to blame pregnancy hormones but let's be honest I would be in hysterics regardless. I sell her short, that Letty. I expect her to still be so young. To still be a toddler. And then she'll break out with a very grown up sentence accompanied by some very grown up mannerisms and gestures and I'll go oh. Yes. You. You're not a toddler any more. I forgot. Thanks for reminding me. 

So tomorrow she turns four (FOUR!)! Letteria Lynn at four is...

- Miss Independence. She has opinions about all things clothing and appearance related. She can get herself completely dressed and she prefers it that way. Although she will still run around and yell naked baby! whenever she is undressed. Old habits. They never die.
- Do I even need to say hooked on Frozen? Yes? Well she still is. She plays with her Anna and Elsa dolls daily. She sings the songs daily. She wants her hair done like them you guessed it, daily. All she tells people is about her Frozen birthday party or that she wants a Frozen castle or an Elsa dress, etc, etc.
- Liking more grown up movies. Jurassic Park and Pirates of the Caribbean and the like. And she has no fear. I think she prefers the feeling of suspense. And don't worry I fast-forward anything very violent and I pull a trick out of the Janet book with a loud BEEEEP should there be a curse word.
- Loving her new found swimming talents. She can even kind of sort of swim underwater. She's a fish. 
- Always hurting herself. At least once per day. Tripping and falling most of the time. But it isn't a day until she cries for a spell about some new found injury. 
- Very polite. Please and thank you and you're welcome. Sir. Always sir.
- Biting her nails and even more disgustingly, her toe nails. Foul creatures those children. 
- Making her own bed. Ever since the arrival of her Frozen bedding she makes it every single morning. And here is the kicker. Without being asked.
- Still refusing to answer general questions regarding name and age unless I am not around. But I have reason to believe she knows her shortened first name plus last name. And can count to at least eleven with a thirty-teen thrown in for good measure. 
- Getting her own snacks. Getting her own drinks. Putting her plate away in the dishwasher. She slays me with her independence. And then she tells me see mommy? You don't need to help me anymore. And my heart begins to break a bit. 

I can already see a change in her even in the past few weeks. She is kinder. More thoughtful. She listens better and can be reasoned with more. I am beyond thrilled to see the attitude of The Year of Three go by the wayside because that was a trying year. Four, while you bring with you school and independence and all sorts of grown up things, I welcome you. Just don't take away her cuddling. I won't survive that.

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