what we do when you turn four...

Technically we celebrate on two (maybe three) separate days. There is the day of your party and actual birthday and then the day before that. The day before your birthday starts out like any other day... With a fight for you to eat your breakfast even though you chose the menu. Somehow your brother ends up eating it and you get off Scott free. I did not see it happen but I can only assume you put him up to it.

We are still working through painting every door in the house and you play nicely (or not so nicely) with your brother until it's time to leave for the annual birthday Chuck E Cheese luncheon! The usual suspects minus your Nonna attended...and she was missed. 

We had pizza and cheesy bread that you dipped over and over into some garlicky sauce. Then we blew through fifty tokens in a blink. Your brother basically used all 25 of his tickets to ride the train over and over again. You just played game after game after game with a bit of rides thrown in for good measure.

You got some useless crap with your won tickets and then we said goodbye to our pal Chuck till next year.

We drove to the Fitz's for a lovely afternoon play date and dinner. It is your mommy's birthday the day after yours and well, Aunt Steph is good to mommy and she made her penne rosa like from Noodles & Company. 

You kids played hard and even built a wall of toys around each playroom exit that kiiiind of made mommy and Aunt Steph act like this (skip to 4:17 for the actual visual).

And then we put you all in your comfy Jammie's and loaded you into the car and drove the half hour home where you were plopped into bed in a half awake half asleep state. You told me you weren't sleepy with your eyes half open. I told you you were and that if you didn't sleep tomorrow would never come. I exaggerate slightly.

When you woke up the next morning we fight you again about breakfast and this time we win. You open your gifts of a few books, a clip on dress up Anna doll, two My Little Pony's and a stuffed Anna doll that you wished was Elsa. And then you played with your toys for hours and hours.

You requested McDonald's for your lunch and of course that is what you got. And then we started decorating for.... Your FROZEN BIRTHDAY!!!!!


Last year's birthday day here.

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