the summer of the baby shower. part three.

Third and final to be exact! This one belonging to my sister-in-law Ashley and her precious little bun in the oven, Mikayla. 

Her mother April threw the shower for her first grandchild at my parent's residence. It was a tea if you will filled to the brim with finger foods, colors straight from the nursery, Beatrix potter, and a lot of creative little touches that I have a sneaky suspicion either came from Pinterest or should be pinned right there, right now. 

Oh and those cupcakes? They had fudge in them. 

We take a looooot of photos. From friends of the new mom to four generations of women to a zillion coworkers and some babies. We fill up my camera card. 

And with that the summer of baby showers comes to a close. Oh what exciting things are coming up for our family now!

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  1. What a lovely day, love the colors and decorations! And the food looks yummo! I have my second ever baby shower I am attending this weekend - very exciting : )

  2. such great photos :) and your dress. don't get me started because i want it :) xo

  3. So cute!! Looks like mikayla got a lot of stuff!

  4. Aw great pictures! Beautiful shower. Beautiful moms and moms to be :) so sweet Grammy could be there!

  5. Love the theme here! You guys all throw the best parties. Definitley pin worthy.

  6. Such cute decorations, your family will be fun- babies, babies, babies.. I love it!

  7. That bump is coming along nicely. Well done. I love love the colours. Such a great theme and I want a cupcake!


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