the last day of summer. says matt.

This week marks the final week that Duke's Lagoon, the water park area of Dutch Wonderland, is open. I started to have a mini anxiety attack when I realized that. We hadn't been there enough! Letty didn't even get hand foot and mouth this year! We must remedy this!

So Matt suggested an evening DW run, which is something we have only done during their Halloween/Christmas specials. Besides the quite alarming amount of tourists for a school day it was fantastico! David decided to forgo his fear of the medium water slides after an incident earlier this summer that dunked him. Letty went down the large water slide with daddy. She also wouldn't let me in the bathroom stall while she did her business which resulted in a blurry bathroom mirror pregnant selfie complete with beach themed decor. Hashtag classy. Letty also was able, thanks to a top knot, thicker soled crocs, perfect posture and maybe because she's been eating her Wheaties, to ride the big roller coaster! First timer! She sat in the front row and she loved it. Her daddy always gets the fun jobs I'll tell you. 

The park closed at six (schade) and so we headed off for the best of fancy meals at Wendy's. Letty got just the toy in her kid's meal that she wanted and David ate his weight in fries. Fries. Fries. Fries. It's his favorite word second to choo choo or dump truck. Matt promised Letty Rita's since he had dubbed this day The Last Day of Summer and so that's just what we did. They were doing free face painting there and David sat down and batted nary an eyelash while they kindly painted a blue plane. Just what he asked for.

All in a Tuesday's work.

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