the foyer. before. middle. and after.

I thought we were done with this space. Truly. The skin color all over the walls wouldn't have been my first choice. Or even my tenth choice... but it was there and it looked like a daunting task that would cost some major coin to remedy. So I just set it in my mind that it would be nude for time immemorial.

And then I started following along with Elise at Cheers Ya'll. And she had to go and have this fabulous house with these fabulous dark doors. And I let the idea simmer. It simmered for a good long time. And then I discussed it with Matt. He needed no simmering. He wanted it. And he wanted it yesterday. I started polling family and friends about the dark door possibility... and finally it was decided to be done. So it was done. The entire house from top to bottom now has dark doors. And what a job that was.

And then Matt got an idea he shared. An idea to repaint the entire foyer. Which also included two hallways and the entire playroom. And this idea I was not keen on. This is why:

a - it is a lot of work
b - I shouldn't be painting and can't help with said work
c - all of my books are in the playroom and that's my least favorite thing in the world to move and I've moved them ninety-bajillion times. see also: I have them organized juuuust right.
d - heights
e - wine is frowned upon by pregnant ladies

But paint he wanted and so... paint he got. It went a lot easier than I anticipated. Although I was safely standing on the bottom rung weighing the ladder down... There was a long pole involved for rolling and maybe a rake (?) for pulling back a certain lovely chandelier... but. Normal Saturdays in the Olsen residence. Normal Saturdays....

Then a week passed and like I said Matt had another idea that needed to be brought to fruition. And I must say. Gives the space a lot of "wow" if you will. Annnnnd maybe Matt should be involved in more decor opportunities. Possibly. You may notice the large wrought iron grills and the surrounding decorative molding? That would be all Matt.

Before we moved in (hiiiii JFK):

A week after we moved in:


The wall that the front door calls home also runs into the kid's playroom. And so that entire room needed to be repainted as well. Which makes it official. Every single room in this entire house has been painted. And we have lived here 22 weeks (I know because it corresponds with my pregnancy. Fertility treatments and such). But we still have those closets! Wink.

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