oh to go to a fair.

And to learn all the things there are to learn there. 

But first! David. The man who stares at goats:

The end of summer in this area, like I'm sure in most areas, is always marked by the start of fairs. Fried food and carny rides and maybe a few games. But since the introduction of children into my life they have also included the animal portion of the fair. A portion that even after working for four years for an agricultural firm I knew little about. In my defense though this company was more poultry and pork related...but I digress. 

Examples of things we learned about:

Cow urination! When a cow pees it is like a hose on full blast. This is what the children thought of that:

We kept waiting for "more" because there was some other movement happening in that region. Although I'm glad we moved on before any real movement happened if you catch my drift. I'm not sure I could have handled it. The kids would have loved it I'm sure. And that is because children are gross.

The udder competition! We blended in nicely with the locals with our Chicco strollers and our diaper bags and large cameras as we shimmied up on the bleachers for this lovely show. I could not believe my eyes when I saw these poor swollen cows. I've been there girl. I've been there. And it's a place I nay like to go again. I wonder if the frozen cabbage-in-a-bra trick would work for them? Some of the poor dears couldn't quite mosey right. And those tasteless judges and their "descriptor" words. Why how my milking days were quite offended. It's the giver of life!! Respect!!

Bunny bear hugs! Move over Lennie. The Olsen children are moving in to town. Theyjustgetsoexcitedtotouchthebunny. What's that towel for do you wonder? Could it be to protect clothing from fecal matter? Oh the humanity!

Manure manure everywhere! In the lane. On the stroller wheels. In the hay. On the crocs. On the animals. On the shorts. The fun abounds! And now I can also add in the van! In my house! On my kitchen floors! 

There was more to this day than just animal petting. We had a very filling lunch with our Nonna, Aunt Beth, Uncle Colton and little Lena. Our eyes were far too large for our bellies and much food was wasted. Beth emphatically decided fairs and animals are not for her and her offspring. And there was a hunt for a mechanical bull that was left incomplete. The family left us for cooler and more sanitary pastures while the Fitzs and the Olsens stuck it out for more adventuring with tractors and milkshakes and oh my!

Tractors are all well and good in my little boy's mind. That is until the engine is running. And then David becomes quite rigid and scared and tears are formed and 'up' is yelled and you see it is quite difficult for mommy to pick you up because you are covered in mud possibly cow shit and so you must tough it out son. Grimace.

Even though I jest about what we saw or what we did... The children love animals. And they also love their friends. Their friends who are heading on back to school for the year. We shall miss their frequent Fitz Days. We wish them the best of luck as one Fitz starts a new job and another Fitz starts Kindergarten. We are just so excited for them. Even as we miss them. Way to go out with a bang eh? Fried food and cow piss. Wouldn't have it any other way Summer of 2014.

And for the record, I know that summer isn't really over but once people start going back to school it sort of feels that way yes?

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