oh peaches...

It was August. It was a Friday. And it was the first day of peach season! So what did we do? We picked them! We drove down to our regular produce picking place, Cherry Hill Orchards bright and early. And it was a beautiful morning and the sun was shining and all that mumbo jumbo. And our Nonna came with us. I feel like the days are numbered where David can sit nicely (can we call it nicely?) in his stroller during these fruit picking expeditions. I sense a change coming on the horizon... And he is most certainly at flight risk. I take it back parents who use leashes. I truly do. You do what you need to do to maintain safety and sanity.

We left with 33 odd pounds of tasty Freestone peaches between the two households. And tasty they were. Right now I am just eating them left and right... Matt made a peach cobbler that evening for us all and I plan on making this peach cake asap.

I'll be back orchard. Oh I'll be back.

Surprise surprise... we did this last year for all those intrigued...

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  1. i just love peaches. but 33 pounds? jesus. that's a ton!

  2. Holy peaches, Batman! Love these shots. Your children, always the charmers. Plus, the bump and peaches. So good. :)

  3. Love Letty's outfit! So happy. But, my gosh that is a lot of peaches. Chris would be in heaven, but I've never enjoyed the fuzzy fruit. Picking them would be okay though, and then letting others eat them all. Maybe I could get behind cobbler though.

  4. peaches are so happy! and that letty is just a teenager these days, isn't she! i can't believe how much your babies have grown just over the summer!!

  5. Love peaches!! I miss living in Georgia for that very reason, and Seattle where I would go to the market every Sunday morning to get the biggest white peaches they had. I miss it, I miss is all. Especially the eating part!


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