my niece is born!

I was awoken at 6:14 am on my birthday, the third, by my mother asking if I was there. With a happy birthday note thrown in. Of course I was there, albeit sleeping. But I knew why she was waking me. My sister was in labor!

The day continued on quite normally for me as birthday's go but Beth labored alllll day long. By late afternoon she was finally admitted to the hospital. And by the wee hours in the morning on the fourth of August she started to push (sunflower). It wasn't the perfect quick and painless delivery I would have wished for my baby sister but the end result was just what it should have been. A healthy baby girl and a happy mommy. 

Sweet beautiful perfect baby Elena Lynn was born at 4:59 am and was 7 pounds 11 ounces and 20 odd inches. She is the most precious baby I have ever seen. And she made me an aunt for the first time. I'll do my best to be an aunt a little girl would dream of having. I'll have a lot of practice coming up here in the next few months... But Baby Lena. You are my first. And I'm all smiles about you. 

The three lone soldiers with the new little family who stayed and braved the long cold night in the waiting room. It was a long thirteen hours. I'm sure Beth would agree. ;)

And for anyone wondering what my little two think of their first first cousin I would say they are doing juuuuuust fine with her. 

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