master bathroom. before. middle. and after.

A homeowner's work is never done. Is that how the saying goes? I would change that adage slightly to: a homeowner's work is never done so long as there is a pesky to-do list taunting him. One of the items on the to-do list was: paint the master bathroom. Tack on to that: replace master bathroom floor. My brother happened to have some leftover flooring available from his massive house reno and so the floor moment came much sooner than originally anticipated. Lucky Matt.

Thought I was done way back when I wrote this post eh? Maniacal laugh....

Here is the space prior to us getting our hands on it:

And here it is one week after move in:

And today:

So there would be new walls and the new floor and the addition of the shower curtain to hide the sliding shower doors... and yes we painted all the doors black in the entire house. Every last one of them. 

Can I say the room is done? Can I? Probably not. I'm really hoping for blinds in that window for privacy... and maybe someday in five plus years I'll get to use the tub as nature intended it. For mommy and mommy alone. But until that moment watching the two kids splash and play will just have to do. And someday Matt plans on tearing out the shower and making it a walk-in. Dreamers. Keep on dreaming. 

Other room tours and before and afters here.

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  1. you guys are insane but i know if i owned a home i'd be doing the same darn thing. and well if i had a man as handy as matteo :) natch

  2. This has got to be one of my favourite rooms. Love the color scheme/decor! I hope you get to soak your heart out one day. :)

  3. i love that you guys painted all your doors dark! so cool. and i keep wishing we would just take the shower door right off our shower and hang a shower curtain instead! our shower door is weirdly hard to keep clean and it's such a bummer ha. ps. what's the meaning behind the chinese asian japanese writings? travels? or maybe some asian heritage, too? ;) i am just too curious of a human being to not ask :) :) :)

  4. bummer you have to share your big bath tub!!! what is that all about? Loving the new floors, and the kids toys in the tub too =)


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