if I were to plan a trip

And if this trip were to be of the foliage viewing variety I would most definitely head just a wee bit north. Isn't New England (ish) the very best place to be when one wants to feel fall? The crisp air and the mountains and maybe the coast too? I've planned these vacations out over and over again through the years. Back when my arms were empty and longing for a baby and a distraction and then when I finally had her and wanted her to experience the wonder of the open road and a fire lit tree line... We never have gotten around to a fall trip... Life gets in the way each and every time. But I've got these destinations locked down just in case the spirit (and our wallets) ever moves us. 

Drive time: Roughly five hours.
Prime viewing time: October 24 - October 30
Stay: The Inn at Mystic. Downtown Mystic. Water views. It just looks like New England.
Dine: Mystic Pizza. I feel like if one is heading to Mystic one should at least have pizza. Yes? 
Do (minus the foliage viewing): The Mystic Seaport.

Drive time: Almost six hours.
Prime viewing time:September 27- October 5
Stay: Holiday Inn Berkshires. Sometimes I just need a familiar face. With wifi.
Dine: The 1716 Old Mill. An old saw mill turned restaurant? Mill pond and a dam? 
Do (minus the foliage viewing): Fall Foliage Festival. I am a sucker for festivals and parades. What can I say?

Drive time: Just shy of seven hours.
Prime viewing time: Late September.
Stay: Crowne Plaza Resort & Golf Club. The view alone has me sold. 
Dine: The Castle Cafe on Whiteface. Now I have been on Whiteface when it was covered in snow and I had two skis on my feet... but there during the fall when the leaves are turned and eating in a castle sounds like an event worthy of my time.
Do (minus the foliage viewing): Check out the Olympic Sites. I've just sort of passed these by on prior visits but they deserve to be visited.

Drive time: Six and a half hours.
Prime viewing time: Mid-September
Stay: Snow Goose Inn. If I could stay with Bing in the Columbia Inn in Pinetree you best believe I would. But I can't so this will have to do.
Dine: Hermitage Inn Restaurant. I have no idea why. I guess because it looks pretty?
Do (minus the foliage viewing): Wheeler Farm. Cheese. Maple syrup. What do you think holds it up slick?

Drive time: Little over four and a half hours
Prime viewing time: October 24 - October 30
Stay: The Copper Beech Inn. I have yet to stay at a Bed & Breakfast but this one looks juuuust about right.
Dine: The Blue Hound Cookery. Creole in Connecticut. 
Do (minus the foliage viewing): Essex Steam Train & Riverboat. It's for the kids Vince.

And while all of these little getaways are things of my dreams I'll most likely just head towards Gettysburg for the day like I do every year and let the kids climb all over Daniel's Den. Because... why not?

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