i am an aunt. again!

After Monday morning's activities and all the excitement that brings with it the mind reels there could be more. But there could be. And there was. 

I won't tell her story for her but my brother-in-law's wife texted me around dinner time that she was heading in to the hospital because she thought her water broke. I had to go to sleep because it was been something like 38 hours of being awake and I was having delusions. She called shortly after 9 to let me know the baby would be arriving at some point during the night via csection. And well... around 11 pm my phone started blowing up with photos of the tiny little miracle Miss Sydney Hope. Just some 17 odd hours after I first became an aunt I was blessed with another lovely little niece. She is doing so well and I think she looks just like her daddy. Which as anyone married to an Olsen knows, happens with these Olsen babies.

So both of my brand spanking new nieces share the same birthday. Just one day after mine and two day's after Letty. We are a busy bunch! 

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