feed the birds, [ducks] tuppence a bag

It turns out besides the obvious things like the health of my loved ones, a good dude to call my husband, a kicking baby in my belly and a roof over our heads I really am quite the luckiest. The other morning while I was running (behind schedule I might add because the children slept in and Matt held down the fort upstairs - again, two points for the being the luckiest) my mother asked if we were up to an impromptu walk in the park with my newly at-home sister and my newly outside the womb niece. I'm the luckiest because I don't have to be alone when I'm a stay-at-home. I get to do things like go for walks in a park on a gorgeous Monday morning and feed the ducks with my mom and my sister and three other little peoples I love so very much.

I am the luckiest because when David saw these feathered creatures he pronounced them with a very emphatic 'D' in front. He saves his dumb f%*# (dump truck) antics for when he is around an audience that appreciates such humor.

I am the luckiest because we have best friends who clothe our children. They not only are our best friends, but our children's best friends annnnd we never run out of things to say annnnd we love them so. They are the most generous of the people's. And to boot they clothe our children. Head to toe. When Letty broke through a pair of her (Avery's) crocs I simply had to walk up to her closet and select the next size croc (Avery's, seen below). I'm the luckiest because even though we can never repay their kindness they still keep on giving it. And those Fitzs are two of the most well-dressed little munchkins I've ever seen. 

I'm the luckiest because I have a girlfriend since forever who happens to be a hairdresser and also happens to tame David's wild beast of a head. In her home. Whenever I ask her. For the simple fee of nothing. And she eats McDonald's with me. She may have a ton going on in her own life but she still hooks me up. Just like in college when I had no money and she would buy me an ice cream cone or a movie ticket.

I'm the luckiest because the other day while I tore the house apart organizing and throwing things away a perplexed Letty looked to Matt and he simply said: Mommy's nesting honey. And I didn't even know I was. I just thought I was losing it from a rare moment of nothing to do. Nesting though sounds much nicer. And my junk drawer and pantry haven't looked as good since we moved in.

My brain may be a big jumble. My phone may have seven different "to do" lists or "to purchase" lists. I may feel like I can't get ahead of all the feels and all the thoughts.... but hey. It's all pretty great right?

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