diy riddling rack | you're what the french call...

les incompetents. Pardon the Home Alone reference. But it had to be done.

I saw this in my latest Pottery Barn catalog perusal. I instantly wanted one. A riddling rack is used in champagne making. Some heavy thing about yeast and sediment and keeping it near the mouth of the bottle, which in fact, is called riddling. I decided $249 was a bit out of my "next to nothing" budget and so I set out to Google which led me to this one from Esty. That was more attainable and well it was almost my birthday. But then Handy Matty came to the rescue and said nonsense! No wife of mine shall spend a dime on something that I can whip up with no problems whatsoever with free pallet wood! Simple project! Consider it done! Something along those lines.

I sit here to tell you that this project caused him great annoyance and strife. I believe in hindsight he may have said sure just go purchase it? Maybe? But I do love the way that they turned out and well they were practically free and most of all made by hand by Matt so I think that is just the most special.

Now we just need some empty wine bottles to fill them on up (mostly). We normally drink those large magnum bottles or the boxed variety so it may take awhile. If anyone has possibly 25-30 empty wine bottles I would most appreciate it.

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