death defying things i used to do

There was a time when my fear level was quite low. When I did things that just thinking about now could induce hyperventilating. Blame it on becoming a parent myself... blame it on maturity... blame it on a respect for my life and limbs... I no longer do these things. 

Bungee Jumping: 
I once attached some rubber bands to my ankles and I leaned off a crane high above the Las Vegas strip. This little dot is me as seen by view of my father safely (and intelligently) on the ground.
There was a cruise back in 1998 or some such nonsense where my brother convinced me to risk it all and sing in front of people. We sang three songs on this vacation and whilst he continued on with his singing career I decided to retire.

Cliff jumping:
To think I did this on numerous occasions over the course of many years is just mind boggling. Also that I looked like Jane here. Youth, man. I believe the highest cliff I jumped from was 35 something feet. Not my sharpest moment for sure.

Hot Air Ballooning:
We did this only once. And never again. The creaking! The fire at close proximity!

Jet Skiing:
I suck at this. Just really suck. But I tried to enjoy it. A few times. Snow ski I can do. Water and I are not friendlies. And when you hit the water and have a yard sale you end up showing parts of yourself unintended for the general public.

Of all sorts. The singular tube type and then this type....this type took a diamond earring of mine. Gee thank you Banana Split. You can see all my siblings and dad and I as we hold on for dear life. Strange fact? My poor baby girl was in a stroller with her Nonna watching the entire thing.  So I guess some of this stupidity cannot be blamed solely on youth. Peer pressure?

Steep ones. Ones where you almost go straight down. Ones under sharks. Ones where you go really really fast in the dark and then are so hopped up on adrenaline you are forced to look like this in photos. You are most welcome Beth.

I don't necessarily fear this so much as it's quite expensive and since having children it's not as much of a priority any more. I do love to ski. And Matt loves to snowboard. But it's right between ouch and boing financially speaking. And any mountain of note is hours away and well.... it's a long day for any Nonna. Even if she is as good as my Nonna.

The gray hairs are already starting to form when I think of the things my kids will want to do... Heaven help me.

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