bye bye summer?

The signs are everywhere. The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are oddly cooler for August (52 last week?!). Literal signs plague that back corner of Target and letters from preschools have started arriving. My summer partner-in-crime has begun laminating and organizing and this all points to one thing. And one thing only. Summer is wrapping on up. Before you know it this blog will become a Thing of Fall. On September 1st this house will be fully fallized. From then until January I'm a holiday obsessed calendar booking maniac. Unapologetically. 

We had a good run this summer. We did it all I think and then some. I shall miss you summer. Particularly...

- Fresh fruit. 
- Water parks and those fake plastic palm trees.
- Swimming pools and the smell of sunblock in the kid's hairs.
- Random ice cream runs and thunderstorms.
- Crocs. Forever and ever. 
- Fireworks.
- Freedom. Nowhere really to be and no exact time to be there. 
- Sweet corn. 
- Flip flops and pedicures. 
- David's tan lines despite my best efforts at sunblock application. 
- Flowers. Pink bright flowers. 

And the list could go on and on...

But fall? I have so many hundreds of thousands of things I look forward to about you. I'm only slightly excited.

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  1. i will pretend you didn't say crocs. unless you mean for tiny feet then i'm ok with it. but summer can leave now. i will hopefully get to enjoy some of that mild weather up there when i visit SO SOON :) finallyyyyy.

  2. SAY IT AIN'T SO!!I I feel like this summer went by in a blink. So many awesome things to love about Summer. But we went to school orientation last night so it feels like Summer is officially over for me:( Is it bad I already bought a pumpkin candle? I'm at least waiting until September 1st to start burning it.

  3. I must admit that although I am a bit sad to see the summer passing I am ready for fall. Funny and totally random that you mention Crocs today and so did I when talking about two totally different things. :)

  4. You are on it! I guess I don't really get "into" fall until after Halloween? Is that late? I mean October is the start of our winter so maybe that is late. haha!

  5. Dude! We are still in the 90s!! Bring on fall! I love the way Americans do their seasons, it's awesome that y'all celebrate the changes so much :) can't wait to see your fall projects!

  6. hm. I see no signs. This makes me sad. I'm still excited!

  7. I can tell summer is coming to an end here too! Part of me is so sad about that (I HATE the short days that I know are coming!) but part of me is really ready for fall! :)


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