bumpgate, week 22

I've passed the half-way mark and have rounded the corner to 22 weeks. I'm told by The App on my phone that Dominic is the size of a spaghetti squash, which quite frankly, as an avid vegetarian abstainer, I have zero idea as to the size. Also... Letty took this photo. She needs a tutorial on the zoom feature as well as the focus feature... but I think this is still pretty good for a four year old.

Boy/girl, girl/boy| We know that it is no longer an it, it is a boy... Boy oh boy another boy! Matt got his wish after all. I've already got Halloween 2015's costumes planned out in my head. And since we will have the two Toretto siblings represented I think we can all picture what that will be. Good thing I have a battery operated yellow sports car that is toddler sized. Here is an alien version of Mister Too Fast Too Furious himself.

The icks| Feeling just fine and dandy. Like nothing is happening at all. I still prefer to avoid most meat, but that seems to be typical for me and my pregnancies.

The LB's| I added another four since I last wrote one of these so I'm up 6.5 pounds. It might mostly be the enormous power breakfast I was just a part of or perhaps it's the healthy food choices I've been making lately...

The eats| Business as usual. This pregnancy has been taking it pretty easy on me so far and I dig it. I won't lie there has been a lot of Big Macs in my life lately but that is to be expected. I'm only a vegetarian when it comes to non-Big Mac related foods. At least I love my fresh fruit.

The movings around happening on the inside| He's in there alright. Hanging out on the left side of my stomach. I just started to be able to feel him with my hand. Matt has felt him kick just once... But after the first child who cares right? Me. I care. I shall always care. He is quite low compared to my other two but I've been told that is normal as one has more babies. One's body remembering what's going on in there and so on.

On the nesting front| Ugh! I want to shop for his room! I have the whole theme and decor picked out I just need to buy it. Matt. Let me buy it (please). I just bought the furniture yesterday thanks to a lovely sale at Target. I'm going with aqua and orange and owls and fun fun fun. I made him some string balls that I plan on hanging in a corner from the ceiling... But right now that sad little room is just filled with bin upon bin of maternity clothes. Which I mean, is a great problem to have. I know it's about 18 weeks premature but while I was down in storage dragging out bins of girl's clothes for my niece I decided I could pull out a few baby boy bins for Dominic. They smell just like Dreft and all things lovely and baby and I could just sniff those clothes for hours. 

Yes. I need help. Good thing I have a few babies I get to cuddle in the mean time. 

Gender announcement. Week 18. Pregnancy announcement.

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