and the gender goes to...

I had a few different ways in mind to "announce" this... a convoluted demonstration of ridiculousness including silly string making the top of the list, but like most things involving young children the idea played off better inside my brain than in reality. So... 

Blue for boy! And his name shall be Dominic Guiseppe Giovanni Olsen. For no one in particular, my maternal great-great grandfather and my paternal great-great grandfather... bella!

I'm kidding. Or more likely, half kidding (a third? numbers are not my forte). The little Olsen boy currently residing in my belly will be in fact a Dominic James. Dominic because: Matt and Toretto. And James because: I like it.

And the kid's thoughts?

Yeah. They are pretty excited. Letty because she correctly guessed, and David because he won't be the only male for miles and miles in our ever-expanding familia.

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