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and the gender goes to...


I had a few different ways in mind to "announce" this... a convoluted demonstration of ridiculousness including silly string making the top of the list, but like most things involving young children the idea played off better inside my brain than in reality. So... 

Blue for boy! And his name shall be Dominic Guiseppe Giovanni Olsen. For no one in particular, my maternal great-great grandfather and my paternal great-great grandfather... bella!

I'm kidding. Or more likely, half kidding (a third? numbers are not my forte). The little Olsen boy currently residing in my belly will be in fact a Dominic James. Dominic because: Matt and Toretto. And James because: I like it.

And the kid's thoughts?

Yeah. They are pretty excited. Letty because she correctly guessed, and David because he won't be the only male for miles and miles in our ever-expanding familia.

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  1. I guessed boy when I read your post title and clicked over. So I feel so very predicty. I'm guessing Matt is yeehawing. Yay for a boy! Puppy dog tails and snails... Something like that. Congratulations!

  2. ahhhh yaaay!!!!! a boy!!! that will be so much fun! and wow baby dominic is suddenly such a real person!! isn't it crazy how gender and then name can just make them THEM?! i love it!! and haha i was totally going to be supportive of guiseppe giovanni! but james is obviously perfect :) my story was gonna be like "well my dad used to make up bedtime stories for us about a fictional great ancestor named guiseppe" but now my story is just that my dad has a brother james. :) anyway, i am excited for the news and for your planning, yay!

  3. Yay! Love the blue basebl shirt! And the onesie :) adorable. And a beautiful name! Xox

  4. yessssssss team blue! you know dominic and james are like two of my most favorite names so i fully support this choice :) love all of it. and tres happy for you four :)

  5. Two little David's running around your cute!! So happy for you guys! And I think the way you announced was look gorgeous mama!

  6. So exciting! LOVE the first picture of you. Fabulous! The name is perfect, just perfect. Of course, should I have ever had a boy his middle name would of been James as well. It is my dad's middle name and I love it tons too. Great minds, as usual. :)

  7. Yay!!!!! Letty is not to be dethroned! haha! And I love the name, Chris's middle name is James and we always said if we have another boy we would want his middle name to be James. I am so excited for you guys!

  8. Yay! Knew it was a boy! I couldn't imagine letty having to share the queen bee position lol! And Dominic James is a great name.



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