a frozen party.

This is an event Letty has been discussing for many a month. She was even telling absolute strangers about her "Frozen birthday." And here it is! 

I purchased the paper products months ago because in my experience all things Frozen do not last long on the shelves. The rest of the decor came from my mother's vast Christmas collection. Thank God for mom's right? She filled in all the holes and made it just lovely. 

We had pizza and subs and of course cake from the Lititz Bakery. Our immediate families were present and she opened many a fun gift. Her Elsa dress was already on from earlier in the day. She got her beloved Frozen castle and some clip on dress up dolls... Barbie stuff. Games. Books. And of course the gift of responsible investing. We watched her fourth year DVD of photos and videos. All four (!) pregnant women put their bellies together for a photo. We had a pinata that was filled to the brim with goodies that now resides as permanent decoration in the birthday girl's room. All was forgiven between the boys and Fireman Rob. And it was a good day. Through and through. Before we put her to bed that night she told us both thank you for a happy birthday. And that's just about all I could ask for right?

I'd like to think that all the noise and the chaos means that it was a successful party. Yes?

Last year's party here.

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