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wild horses, couldn't drag me away.


Incidentally, I just realized that a great deal of my post titles are song or movie related. Possibly even book related. For example this title refers to a Dave Matthews Band song. Matt are you proud?

Back to these horses that were no where near wild. My mother has a best friend. The Greek. The Greek's daughter was at a local horse camp place and so we were asked if maybe the kids would like to see the horses to which I answered with an emphatic YES. Here is the daughter on the white horse and pink shirt. She's horse crazy from what I hear. Good for her.

After we watched the horses go round and round a few times we headed into the stables with our carrots and our apples and hopes and dreams. Which if you are a parent or grandparent of young children you know are fragile things that can be smashed at any moment. And smashed they were. I subsequently discovered the true reason I was never allowed a horse as a child. It wasn't the cost, although I'm sure that my parent's innocence in the area of horsery helped my cause. It wasn't the land, because we had that. It was that my mom was s-c-a-r-e-d of horses. They are to be respected for sure. But this day! This day my mom put on a brave face for her grandchildren and fed those horses some treats. More than once! Good horsey.

Letty wasn't about to touch them. Or even the foal. She got nervous when one of them smelled her but she thought that her hot breath on her leg was kinda cool. David just kept crying no no no when I tried to bring him near. But we tried. You don't know till you try. And hey (hay). Maybe they will love them the next time they see one. One never knows.

Thank you Yiota for thinking of us and letting us tag along! Any horse exposure is good exposure!



  1. oh these are cute photos. poor D you scarred him haha jk. glad momma trovato was able to conquer her fear!

  2. I love horses. But I can see how they can be slightly intimidating to the littles. They are SO BIG. Bigger then most people expect when they see them up close I believe. Love the pictures regardless..and David. I'M DYING TO GET MY HANDS ON THAT BOY. Such a cutie. I can sense that Letty is a diva. Where does she get it from?! ;)

  3. Haha aw David's face. Beautiful horses, though!

  4. Oh, horseys! Hopefully you are right and the kids will come around next time. :)

  5. Aw, that's such a fun experience for little ones!! Love it - Alyssa

  6. Oh my goodness! Good for your mom putting on a brave face. I remember giving horse lessons when I was little, and people being so afraid. Why I was allowed to give lessons at the ripe old age of 10 I'll never know. But horses have been my life since I was born, I am so sad we sold ours. But the military lifestyle is hard enough dragging around children, I couldn't imagine moving my horses every three years! But these pictures made me smile:)

  7. aaaaamen yes, any horse exposure is good exposure!! and letty, don't worry, maddalena still gets nervous around their giant heads and bodies, too!

  8. aww I love horses! Aria has seen that one at Disney like once...I wonder how she'd like one up close. Horse whiskers are my fave. Cleaning up horse crap, not so much. They are also kind of a lot bigger than me and wasn't a big fan when one chased my out of the pen. Still enjoy those whiskers though.


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