who david is at two years.

Today my current baby is turning the big zero-two! It has been a whole six months since I have subjected you all to a "who is this boy" post and I know they aren't the most popular... but I love them for historical purposes so... sorry. And Happy Birthday buddy! 

Two whole years and our sweet David John is....

- Always in need of a haircut. I do what I can around his ears and forehead and neck but that can only get me so far before Rhonda needs to step in. Like a weed that hair.
- He is still crazy for trains and trucks and wheels. If you ever need to distract him from something simply say choo. 
- Barely using his words but those words are mostly all transportation related. Fruck. Choo Choo. Chugga chugga. Wheel. Dump fruck. Fire fruck. Tracks. Bucket.
- Learning his colors. He prefers to say yellow (I agree that is a fun one) and he is quite good at the enunciation. Those YouTube videos are certainly helping the cause. He'll be my smart kid who is the good student. Teacher's Pet right here.
- His diet is still horrific and it is starting to keep me up at night. He's very picky. He just has refined tastes is all. Elios pizza is acceptable however Red Baron is not. And he prefers next to no color on his plate. If there even is a plate present.
- Particular. Heaven forbid you are washing his Jake pillowcase. He shall not sleep on anything other than Jake. Or sometimes his trains must be put together just so or else he will not rest.
- Warming up to the pool. He just throws Duck the Whale around and walks over to retrieve him. The logic in a two year old's head, I'll tell you. Duck the Whale. Sometimes he "walks" on his knees around the pool speaking his jibberish language.
- In for a rude awakening with the addition of three ladies in his life. If you ask him where the baby is you'll either get him pointing to himself and saying baby or pointing to my chest and saying baby. Details kid.
- Wonderful at reminding you he has boo boos. Mainly on his knees, but also on his feet from his sweaty stinky crocs. And he likes to pick scabs. I too, suffer from this condition, as does quite a few of his relations. He didn't stand a chance.
- My little brown-skinned, blonde-haired sweetie. He is cuddly and he sleeps well and he is always smiling.  Plus he has the best belly laugh. What more could a mom ask for? 

Don't answer that.

We love you so very very much little man. Now please start saying it back to us instead of shaking your head and saying no. Please. My fragile heart can't take it much more.

David at one year or his birth story for any feeling the nostalgic feelings. 

And as always any photos of any decent quality were taken by Wishbone Photography.