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what we do when you turn two


We half wrap your gifts in blue snowman paper leftover from Christmas. We can't even be bothered to wrap the other half. Paper ran out and we (me) thought, oh well, he's only two, and he won't notice. Spoiler alert: you didn't notice.

Then we drive to DW with mommy's friend and her little boy who is also your friend for rides and water stuff. We look at ducks and we eat chicken fingers and fries. 

Then after a long nap we have your most favoritest of dinners (chicken nuggets and pizza) followed by not one but two cupcakes where only the icing is consumed. We sing to you but you don't really dig it. You hide by your daddy. You try to blow out the candle but basically just blow your hair off your forehead. 

After you're all cleaned up we head into our new basement and watch Thomas the Train: The Magic Railroad. I stare at your profile in the projector light memorizing your cute little nose and I think about two years ago... I think about how much I instantly loved you after I had spent the last nine months worrying that my heart didn't have enough love after your sister took so much of it. About 45 minutes in to the movie we get invited to hit up a local ice cream place with Nonna and Poppop and Aunt Beth and Uncle Colton and since you haven't had enough sugar yet we agree. You go back and forth between the vanilla milkshake and the vanilla soft serve cone, tasting both.

And then we unceremoniously plop you into your crib because you are too tired for any stories. You are a whole year older now. And we love you. And this is how we celebrate two. 



  1. i love how this is written. just love. and the photos natch. happy birthday baby D!

  2. I agree, this written amazingly xx what a special day xx

  3. Nothing wrong with Christmas wrapping paper! Haha. He's such a cutie! Two years goes by fast!

  4. love love love love love this!! it's perfect. happy two david!!! maddalena is right behind you!

  5. Amazing, all of it! Oh that face, such a heartbreaker.

  6. Happy Birthday David!! He is just the sweetest..love letty posing in the picture of them in the ride LOL so sweet<3

  7. This was so cute, and so sweet! What a great day for the birthday boy! And I love the xmas wrapping paper, I did the same thing for my mom on mothers day. haha! Don't want to waste it, now do we? ;)

  8. haha, christmas paper! but only half! who has other paper beyond christmas anyway? I know I don't!


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