we stayed at the beach another day

The second day brought with it clouds and a bit of morning rain. David was up before seven as is his MO and I swiftly sent Matt back to bed because let's be honest, men need their sleep. Except David. He never needs it. We watched train and dump truck videos and the birds around the bay for a few hours and I deemed it good. 

After breakfast we packed up the monstrosities one needs for the beach again and once more headed eastward towards the sand. 

Things we have learned to be true:
My children don't pose nicely with their great aunt and uncle. 
Letty does not fear sand crabs. 
David loves jumping over waves. 
Neither child will play nicely right in front of you. 
Walks are all fun and games on the way south. North becomes tricky.
Chafing is a thing and can happen to men old and young alike. 
I still don't know how people deal with bathrooms issues and preschoolers at the beach.
David thinks vanilla wafers need to be soaked in salt water for several minutes prior to ingestion. 
Letty doesn't mind sand in unmentionable places. 
Baby powder works.  
No need to bring a chair as we did not use them. 

Aren't after beach showers the best of the showers? Second to the first shower after delivery of a baby those showers. Once freshly washed of sand and a nap for the men in my life we once again had a delicious meal and a wee bit of a walk by the bay. We decided that a beach day on Monday would put us over the edge and so opted to leave Sunday night for home. We did get a lovely view of lightening and quite the threatening down pour but other than that it was a successful journey home. 

Thank you to Aunt Sue and Uncle Glenn for once again having us in your wonderful home. We had such a lovely time despite my sarcastic beach related remarks. 

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