we once drove to the beach...

... and on the way down had to pull over along the side of a four lane road and hold an almost-four year old over the macadam so she could go number one because no mom, she could not wait for the McDonald's five minutes away. Just in case you thought this post was going to be any sort of dream journey. But besides that back-breaking event the ride when smoothly enough. No traffic. No inclement weather. And generally non-demanding children. Perhaps it was the loads of snacks Matt kept feeding them?

But drive we did and we eventually got to Matt's Aunt and Uncle's house in Ocean City, Maryland. They are generous enough to host our little family of four every summer for a nice weekend and we are most appreciative of this hosting. 

But back to the beach! Once upon a time we were beach dwellers Matt and I. From first thing every morning until practically dinner time we were on the beach. We baked. We drank in that sun and the sand. Matt napped and I read. Those days are no more. Now in our lives the beach with my two looks something like this:

Throw the sand. Eat the sand. Throw sand at strangers. Use shovel to throw sand. Run straight into the water with no fear. Don't touch the water. Run screaming from water. Want to be held in the water. Walk up the beach. Walk down the beach. Walk to the chairs. Walk towards the water. Walk towards the frisbee. Want the neighboring dump truck. Scream when you don't get the dump truck. Wait two minutes and try again for dump truck. Build sand castle. Ruin sister's sand castle. Beg for ice cream. Wave to every passing plane. Bye plane! Throw more sand. Dip vanilla wafers into salt water and then eat them. Throw peanut butter crackers into the sand and eat those as well. Then throw all the food in little  pieces all around as to attract maximum amount of seagulls. Put sand down your pants. Ask to go home 93 times. Run back into the waves the moment your hand is free. Don't ever sit down. Don't ever stay in one place.

And that is the beach! 

But then you see the excitement in these little faces and you think mayyyyyybe it is all worth it? Next time I'm bringing a stiff drink.

After David's nap time and had come and it had gone we decided to bring the brood back to the house with about 52 pounds of sand. Most of which ended up on Aunt Sue's bathroom floor. David napped and even Letty napped on me for a spell. And then we ate. The meal meant for decks along the bay. Corn on the cob. Steaks. Mac and Cheese. And lots of crabs. Two dozen crabs. Slathered in Old Bay.

Besides visiting with Matt's family one of my favorite things about this place is the view come sunset time. And see the view we did. With Letty yelling at the veiwfinder on my camera that WE ARE AT THE BEACH and David perfecting the side tongue. And speaking of David? This kid's hair was just meant to be beach hair. He's going to be a heart breaker that one.

And then we slept.

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