the summer of the baby shower. part two.

Saturday was the second of the three showers, this one belonging to my baby sister Beth and her incubating baby. Didn't we just have a shower for Beth? Why yes. Yes we did. But here we are a hop, skip, a jump and a year later as she is very pregnant with her first baby. Funny how that happens.

Sweet Baby Lena's room is coral in color with gold accents. It is a very grown up and very gorgeous nursery and so you will find no cutesie decor at this shower, no! No cutesie decor allowed. Thankfully the entire world seems to have thought that coral is "in" and we were able to find plenty of things to work with.

Mostly from Target. Naturally.

My sister's mother-in-law and sister-in-law were in charge of the lovely succulent favors and they were such a hit! The food was catered by Rettews Catering which is pretty much who does all the parties my parents have because - yum! The cake was done by the Bakery at the Lititz Family Cupboard (who incidentally also does all the cakes for my parent's parties because - yum! and gorgeous) and was based on the invitation found here from Tiny Prints.

The recipe for the Dreamsicle Punch would be as follows: A liter of Sprite. A can of cream soda. A gallon of vanilla ice cream. A gallon of orange sherbet. A bottle of pink champagne. And Razztazz to add some color/flavor. It may not look the best but it was delicious. Not that I tried any.

Beth and Baby Lena got so many goodies from so many generous people and I know for a fact that most everything is already assembled and in it's proper place awaiting a certain someone's arrival.

Thank you to everyone who helped out and who attended and showered (hee hee) my little niece with lovely gifts! Now we wait. Patiently of course. Except if you are the two little girls pictured above who are just dying to meet their first cousin!