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my big fat greek fourth


This year we celebrated our Fourth with very good family friends of the Greek variety. This particular Greek is quite the amazing cook and put out an insane spread for the large crowd that gathered. Which I naturally took no photos of because Greeks frighten me and when they start to speak in their native tongue I always feel like it is about me.... do I have something in my teeth? Did I just commit a major faux pas? The list goes on. So no photos were taken. But trust me when I say - delicious.

Our bellies got way too full way too many times. Appetizers! Entrees! Desserts! More desserts! It was frightfully cold for a July in Pennsylvania and many blankets and jackets were brought out to warm us all up. And windy! Oh the wind. The kids played in the grass with soccer balls (heaven help me) the entire time and loved their life. And the entire evening was summed up with some of the closest fireworks I have ever seen. Letty covered her ears and hid with her Nonna while David cheered and clapped and just generally loved every second (he's a peach that one). I tried to take pictures... but my camera and I don't do manual mode very well.

Thank you Greeks for hosting us all in your home with all your yummy food. I'll eat again in a few days I'm sure...

Pure joy.



  1. that first photo. also all of them. you're getting to be quite the pro! and yes it was cold on the 4th. cray. but i loved it.

  2. It was so weird how chilly it was on the 4th. Now it's 93 today and the AC is going back on. I'M SO CONFUSED!!

  3. Aw great pictures! Such a beautiful family you are

  4. That photo of David gazing at the fireworks wins. Every. Damn. Thing. Glad you had a great 4th! It has been a long time since I have spent the 4th with my American family. I miss it. Maybe next year. :)

  5. These pictures are so fun, David is too much! That smile is a killer! And you with that mermaid hair...amazing! have I told you lately that pregnancy looks good on you? It does!

  6. Any post where too much Greek food was eaten is totally worth it. Looks like you had a blast! x

  7. Hi. It's me. Your friend Katie who has been long gone for a bit. Don't worry I've still been keeping up and LOVING all your posts. Mama you are looking amazing! And the pic of your cute little fam of four? Love it! Oh and D...he is so dang cute!

  8. The last picture is so cute, and the one of you four in the grass - love it! Aria was totally into the fireworks and I gave a hearty sigh of relief. Hooray for the Greek food! Soccer balls, sounds fun! I've been contemplating a soccer ball and little goal lately. Aria's godfather is way into the soccer, so I thought better start her now!


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