montgomery county, md and their firemen. and frucks.

Sometimes, as a parent, things don't go the way you envision them in your head. I'm not talking about major things just yet, but I'm sure I'll have my time for them soon enough and I'll have them in spades. I'm talking about a visit to a certain fire station and a certain fireman and the joy that I thought that would bring my two year old little boy who is obsessed with frucks and fire frucks. And wheels. And lights.

To set the background a tiny bit... on Monday, whilst dining on Noodles & Company, a giant yellow (his favorite color nonetheless) fire truck pulled into the parking lot. His excitement was not to be contained. He even lost his bones for a little when I wouldn't let him gallivant off into the parking lot to investigate. Not to mention the time earlier this month when he was privy to a fire fruck museum! They are his happy place those fire frucks. Anddddd then we move on to yesterday when as planned we, with our neighbor loves, piled into the van and once again headed in a southerly direction on The Great Route 83 towards Maryland. Our destination was a fire station in Montgomery County where my (little) brother works. He was kind enough to agree to a tour and even kind enough to allow me to take photos of him with my big giant camera which, I am sure, embarrassed him immensely. He is a good sport.

First he gave us a tour of the station. We saw all the lovely recliners. Their table. Their kitchen. We met a few of the other firemen who were all incredibly kind and good to the kids. I've decided good souls those firefighters. Every last one of them. Through and through. They had fire safety coloring pages and crayons and even papers for us moms to read. The boys were a bit scared of the trucks... I guess? Not sure what got into them other than they are children and therefore as unpredictable as the weather. They wouldn't go near them. All those wheels they could investigate and those lights and yet... nothing. They stood by us. Poor Uncle Robbie. David wouldn't even let him hold him. There were quite a few tears on David's part when he was offered a place behind the wheel of the ambulance. It is quite disturbing to be offered the reality of such a dream as a seat behind a wheel of an ambulance. I get it.

We saw an old old fire truck and were offered a front seat on that as well...a seat only Avery was brave enough to take on alone. We got to see the ambulance go out on a call oh so cooly and oh so calmly. The children enjoyed the siren and the lights, even the boys, which we figure was a major breakthrough. We got to see the big red engine come backing in to the station and then say hello to the captain and watch the men take off their big boots and pants, which to the kids was a very big and very somber deal. We were shown where all their tools are in the truck and where the hoses are kept. And we learned that they wash those trucks every single day. And oh how they shine!

And then we thanked them over and over again and waved bye bye to the fire frucks and went to eat some Sweet Frog.

Thank you once again to my brother and his fellow firefighters for letting a bunch of us take a gander at your place. It was very exciting for us all, even if the boys didn't act as anticipated. Oh and thank you for all you do and what not. I just want to hug each and every last one of you. Except my little brother would kill me.

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