how do I find the time...

I guess I do a lot? I mean that I keep myself and my family kind of busy. I start to get the shakes when my calendar frees up and January through April is particularly trying for me when the weather isn't cooperating and the world has decided to go and hibernate. Sometimes people query how I can do _____. The simplest answer would be 'organization' and that I have in spades. But there's more (Matt, to say the least). So in answer to the question 'how do I find the time...'

...To run. This non-negotiable is quite the thing of habit. How it works for us at this season in our lives is that I run first thing in the morning before Matt has to work. If he has to be out earlier than usual that only means I run earlier. He is on kid and breakfast and morning routine duty. Sometimes I run at 6 but more often it's at 7. That 45 minutes is my special time. 

...To blog. Most of this happens at night whilst the children are sleeping. Usually only on one night, Sundays. I write out however many posts and I edit them and I schedule them and I am done. As far as reading blogs or commenting on them or responding to comments, that I do throughout the day each day. The most significant chunk of time being when David naps and Letty enjoys her afternoon snack and quiet time. 

...To clean. I have a very rigid schedule. Certain days of the week have certain things to be done and I have it broken up into pieces that are manageable. i.e. I can get them done in a minimal amount of time mixed in with other business. Laundry I do always (who doesn't?). And picking up toys? Whenever we leave a room. Going to the store? Pick up toys. Going upstairs so mommy can shower? Pick up toys. The reason this madness is successful is twofold. One, the job never gets unmanageable because it's always being done. And two, I am OCD, therefore this is successful.

...To watch movies/read/drink wine. Night! Glorious night! After the kids are tucked in bed and asleep we have our wine (currently just Matt has his wine) and we watch our movies. Sometimes we are stupid and stay up well past midnight. Those days aren't wise. I read either right before bed or when David naps and Letty is practicing being quiet. 

It's all about priorities. And Matt. Always Matt.  

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