easy diy bar, a matt sponsored post

In our basement there lies a problem. The problem is that of end tables. And of drink slash popcorn bowl placement. What is to be done? The simple solution would be to just have a Handy Matty. Since I'm not really willing to rent him out too easily I (with his help of course) threw together this little diy for you. He schlepped together this bar in I don't even know how long. A matter of hours if you count the distraction of having a three-almost-four year old helper. This is where Handy Matty takes over.

What one needs is:
1 sheet of 4x8 plywood
4 2x4's
Whatever you want to put on top - We went with the vinyl 12x12" tiles that look like ceramic tile.  If you go the ceramic tile route remember to use backer board. 
3' long 3/4" black steel pipes and floor flanges for the top (connect to the bar) and bottom (to secure to the floor. 

And what one does is:
Cut the plywood out into the shape you want the bar.  I only wanted a place to have drinks and a bowl (of popcorn) if needed.  So our bar is 12' wide and 7' long with a 2'x2' offset for the popcorn machine.  After you have cut out the plywood, cut down the 2x4" to make a perimeter for under the plywood.  This will make it strong and you will have something to screw the floor flanges into.  Next install whatever top you chose to the plywood top.  For our purposes I installed the 12"x12" vinyl tiles with Liquid Nails.  After that screw the legs into place and then I screwed the legs to the floor.  

And now we have this super sturdy and easy to clean bar that is just perfect for all kinds of beverage drinking and popcorn eating and movie watching. 

And! Mikey (Letty) likes it!

Oh. And the barstools were purchased at Ikea. One just cannot beat the price. Unless one weighs more than 220 pounds in which case just chose the couch.

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