diy twine balls

I'm kiiind of a big deal. These are the words my husband kept saying during this project. Mostly because I wasn't even going to get the camera out or blog about it but it was a diy and so he made me do it. In my effort to create a more Pottery Barn-like home I was searching Pinterest for something to display under our television. I had something there originally and it was lovely but Matt  hated it and so we "traded" a new coffee table for the removal of said item. But naked this console would be not. The other evening when I should have been taking the kids to watch a festive parade I was instead making this while it rained and rained outside. Thanks a lot Arthur.You need the following:Balloons. Twine. Cornstarch. Elmer's Glue. Water. Scissors. String. Newspapers. Vaseline. You could also use spray paint of any color depending on what your plans are afterwards. I prepped my area by laying down the newspaper because I was figuring this was going to be quite messy. I hung the balloons of various sizes by string above the prepped area. You rub them down with Vaseline so that when you pop the balloon it doesn't stick to the twine. Matt giggled like a school girl during this whole process. Men.I mixed together about a half cup of cornstarch and a wee bit less of water. I'm sorry I don't have exact measurements because I was just looking for it to be paste-like. I kept quoting Ross Gellar in the episode with the Leather Pants. You know? Anyways then pour in some glue  (again just pour away) and mix it all up. I would recommend cutting a whole bunch of twine before you get started dipping it into your mixture because it gets quite messy. I cut them about 3 feet in length and cut a lot. I completely dipped the twine into the paste until covered and then ran the entire piece through my fingers to remove any excess goo. Then I just started wrapping away. Again and again. I tucked the end pieces in under other pieces, etc. Then I let them dry over night and popped balloon. Wham bam thank you ma'am. 

They are a bit whiter than I was hoping for. I wanted the more natural color of the twine to show through. Maybe too much cornstarch? And I am feeling the corks I put in the one larger ball yes?