dc has a zoo. and it is hot.

This week Stephanie and I decided to pack up one double stroller, three cooler bags of food and water, two diapers bags, four children under 6 (five if you count the one incubating) and head towards the National Zoo in Washinton D.C. It reached temperatures of 100 plus degrees and was quite humid. We survived to tell this tale.

We were able to see a few pandas, cheetahs, elephants, gazelles, lions, sea lions (they are the coolest little things!), etc. There were quite a few times when I looked over at Steph and qouted my buddy Ian Malcolm and said "Now eventually you might have dinosaurs on your dinosaur tour, right? Hello?" because so many of the animals were in hiding. Or more likely passed out in the shade under a bush or something to survive the heat. More likely that. The kids got to hold a faux and a real elephant tooth. Steph got to see her most favorite of all God's creatures. I got to recreate a picture taken three years ago. And we all rode the carousel.

We were not prepared for the sudden love of strollers by the three older children and so we ended up renting a second double stroller. Which coincidentally was awesome because they were trapped and we did not have to worry about losing them. The crowds were thin based on my limited knowledge of one prior visit. We didn't hit too bad of traffic and the Panda Parking app is my new best friend. That and the kind valet's at the Marriott where we parked the van. The sprinklers set up throughout the park were a welcome retreat as was any and all breezes. Oh and water. We could have used more water. 

After a tubby for the lot of us and some McDonald's I pretty much melted into the couch at home... The heat... You are a cruel mistress.