david had a choo choo party

David has a thing for Thomas. Or as he refers to him, mama (I'm sure you haven't read that here on this blog. Not once.). So that was the obvious choice as far as a birthday party theme went for this number two of David's birthdays. 

We were running a bit small this year as quite a few of the very important people's in David's life couldn't make it. We missed you Uncle Colton and Uncle T.... Aunt Sue and Uncle Glenn and the Fitzs. But it is summer after all and so things like vacations and work can interfere. The nerve. But we soldiered on! We with our Noodles & Company take out (thank you Poppop and yum!) and our delicious Thomas cake from the Lititz Family Cupboard Bakery! We watched the annual Year in Review DVD a few times... We sang to him. He opened a few gifts, a basketball hoop, a remote controlled Thomas, and of course the ever responsible gift of investments. He had already been playing with his CAT train set and his CAT assorted vehicles from Nonna and Poppop which incidentally are travelling with him now everywhere he travels. It was a nice family gathering with far too many balloons and far too much noise. But it is how we will be having birthdays from here on out. Last year's party was only for his first after all. Wink.

Choo choo! Look who's two! This guy!