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blueberry summer


This title refers to a book. It was my mom's when she was youngerish and she gave it to me to read when I was also youngerish and I have since even reread it. So this post is about blueberries which reminds me of the book and that's the story of this title.

Shenk's Berry Farm. You did it again. Your blueberries beckoned and the ladies in my family answered the call despite the humidity and the threat of a thunderstorm. We had the pleasure of going inside the Big White Net. That was the excitement right there. The berries were paler than I thought they would be and the bushes were upright... totally different from any Maine picking experience I may have had. In the end we all left several pounds of blueberries heavier. And we will be legitimately a few pounds heavier once my mom makes her famous blueberry pie...



  1. That picture of letty sitting.. She looks sooo grown up. Such a little lady.

  2. millions of berries. berries for me. millions of berries. berries for free. cept not. worst comment ever.

  3. I have never seen blueberries tented either. Also, the only bad thing about blueberries is the evidence they leave behind that you may of your hands on them. :)

  4. Blueberry picking! We are going next month!!! I am so excited. I just hope the bears leave some for us human folk!

  5. I love this! Blueberries are my favorite. I seriously think your the best mom ever!

  6. I'm jealous of all your berry picking! Knock if off with the fun already! And the pie! oh man I kind of want to make a pie now. and pick berries.


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