basement. before. during. and after.

The basement (or movie theater) was one of Matt's most favorite rooms in our old house. He would spend every evening down there after the kids went to bed watching movies or playing some xbox game. What have you. I used the basement for my gym and my Lost fix. Since moving here 17 weeks ago I have been running in a dingy unfinished basement armed with nothing but one of the kid's iPads and some leftover dog hair while Matt is forced to watch movies on his tiny 42 inch flat screen upstairs. But that is no more! I must point out that this basement, just like our old basement, was finished completely by my Handy Matty. Everything from framing to drywall to molding to ceiling installation to painting was done by him. We only hired someone to do the carpeting. We also hit the jackpot with not one but two electricians in our family. So. Thank you Matt. And thank you Dad and Colton!I thought it would be easiest and coolest to see a before, during and after of one angle of the same "view" because otherwise stuff gets real confusing. I know it's a bit different for my before and afters but I am nothing if not one to break the mold.Looking down the stairs:
Looking into the playroom:

Looking into the work out portion:

Looking back towards the stairs:

Looking at the projector wall:

And some others:

There are still a few more things to be done down here... I would like to have a large cork-board for the kid's play area for all their future "art" work (which I bought after I took these pictures actually). Matt plans to build a bar for behind the sectional as well as a table for his popcorn machine. Oh and yes a recliner. Must add a recliner. And eventually I'll be needing a flat screen for my work out room because let's face it. Staring at a wall is a lot less exciting than running while watching a movie theater sized screen. Hashtag first-world problems.

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