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Letty is a bit of a conundrum. She is most certainly like me, attitude speaking. But the me now. The thirty year old me. The three year old me was nothing like her. I was a good little girl even if I did bite my arm to demonstrate indifference. But Letty. How come she is the way she is? There are many kinder words at my diaposal to explain her behavior when it comes towards Matt and I. Strong willed. Independent. Active. Strong minded. But she is downright bratty

A few weeks ago I was visiting with my 90 year old Grammy like I do every Monday and I was perusing some old photo albums... And found this:

There! That face! I've seen that before. That general look of annoyance. The perturbed stare. I see it daily. In my daughter. And that photo is certainly not of my daughter. No. It is of a certain Grammy of mine in her fourth year of life in 1928. 

I had heard and bits and pieces through the past that my Grammy was a self-proclaimed brat. I just didn't believe it really. I saw none of that. But she tells the stories. The one about her adverse reaction to a prom dress. The one about her outright refusal to pose for a photograph with her father that turned out to be his last. The one about her disdain for a coat that landed her locked in a kitchen screaming until she ruptured a hernia that later required surgery. Yeah that last one. That has Letty written all over it. 

So there is hope for my little strong willed wonder. She may one day sit across from her grandchildren and great-grandchildren in all her frail but vibrant state remembering the days that she drove her parents crazy. And that's just alright. Because my Grammy turned out just fine. And I can handle the abuse in the mean time. 



  1. lovely story - i mean it. how fun to connect the past with the present!

  2. Great story! Your family has such a rich history. Love hearing about it. :)

  3. Such a neat picture of your Grammy as a child! Very cool to have that.

  4. What a sweet post. And I love he old photo - makes me want to go through my grandparents albums!

  5. Well, at least now you know...and knowing is half the battle. Apparently I was some sort of angelic baby child until I turned two and flipped the switch. Aria seems to be taking after her dad though, with the non stop getting into trouble fearless behavior. I love that old photo, I love old photos in general..so much weight. There is a pic of Aria's great grandma and two of her siblings when they were just little kids sitting on the window sill, Aria loves taking it down and pointing to the faces.

  6. that is so interesting! it's so neat to see expressions, mannerisms and exact faces in family!

  7. That picture!! Its funny how children can take on different characteristics. I have yet to experience the attitude from a toddler female, but toddler males don't seem to be any better. But we live and we learn, and hopefully we inspire these little humans to be great people. Letty will be just as amazing as her mama, and the mamas before :)


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