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what to do about pounds of raspberries.


Last week I picked a lot of raspberries. Well, correction. Matt and I picked a lot of raspberries and Letty did not. Letty wanted to roam free, and as I was in a magnanimous mood I allowed it. My sister had discovered a new farm and she was kind enough to share that information with me as I love raspberries and I am on a fruit freezing kick this summer. Shenk's Berry Farm was the name and picking was my game. 

Have I mentioned I eat raspberries with a little bit of cereal? Like multiple times a day? Yes? Good glad we have that cleared up. I've been frequenting the local farmer's market every Tuesday but that can still get a wee bit pricey and then I'm prone to not being the best of sharers (my berries!). When I heard that this place had them for $3.25 a pound I couldn't have grabbed containers any faster. Seven pounds and a few tens later.... here I am. With many berries to be put on my cereal and many more bags of berries in my freezer. I am sharing with Matt who is kind enough to let them soak into his chardonnay while I watch from the sidelines. But what else should I do with them? I'm thinking they would make a mean cheesecake in the future... While I go Pinterest - photos!



  1. Wow! So many raspberries!
    I think I'd love to go somewhere to pick fruit like that, especially for the price. I'm glad you got your fix! The only thing I do with raspberries (so far) is use them in frozen in water and blended in smoothies. Good luck finding more ideas!

  2. I want. I want. I want. Also, you guys love in the best place ever. It's official.

  3. Raspberries too!!! Kill me now. We just spent a stupid amount of money on fruit yesterday. You would laugh or cry at the price of berries up here in there parts of the planet. Sometimes I think I live in another country. haha!

  4. send some to meeeee. haha. love raspberries!!

  5. Raspberries are so yummy in my tummy! I must try this berry and Chardonnay combo you speak of. Sounds divine!

  6. Now that is a lot of raspberries! One of the few fruits that Aria just doesn't dig. I am sure she would get into picking them though.

  7. Yum! Now I want raspberries. And cereal.


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