tractors and cows and corn oh my

We live in farmland 'round these parts. Oh yes we do. This is the third year running that I've taken my offspring to Oregon Dairy's Family Farm Days. It's a free event at a local grocery store that really is so much more than that, as it is also a farm. With cows. You ride a wagon through a barn and breath in that lovely fragrance. You can pet assorted animals. Ride a ride or two. Play with corn kernels. Stare at tractors and if you are feeling particularly bold you can even sit on them too... Taste free chocolate milk or the teeniest of adorable ice cream cones. So we go. Everrry year.

This year! With my Stephanie and her brood that this time thankfully included her mother, Mimi. I say thankfully because each child was at flight risk. Except the girls flew off together and so Mimi had girl duty. And hand-holding duty... And Letty was quite smitten with Avery's Mimi... And she treated all the kids to a train ride as only good Mimi's can do. The day was hot. It was humid. As the dutchy say locally, it was close. Add some hay and we are all in for a great time. Particularly my first born. She was as they say, quite prickly. 

So that's a wrap.... see you next year farm! Last year's Family Farm Day is in all it's glory here.