summer to do list

Not just for barbecues and sun this summer, oh you, I have so much planned for you. You've only just begun...

1 the watching of parades and fireworks 2 a beach weekend with family and sand and sunsets 3 celebrating three baby showers (!) and three birthdays 4 strawberry/cherry/peach picking and possibly even freezing 5 frequent visits to DW and partaking of water slides 6 bbq's including Matt's grilled sweet corn 7 farmer's market visits almost every Tuesday to keep fresh fruit in rotation 8 baking by the pool with the kiddies and popsicles 9 ice cream up at the jigger shop in the woods 10 fairs! 11 zoos and trains and museums oh my 12 pedicures as often as I can get them 13 hiking, or whatever that translates to with kids 14 music in the vineyard 15 martha's vineyard weekend 16 an outdoor concert at hershey 17 and letty would like me to add get her a frozen backpack.

I feel like I need to listen to country music now. Maybe this? Yeah, that's perfect. Now I need a boat. And blue jeans. And a beer.



  1. 18 having kerri over bc you love her lots. haha - great list!!

  2. Wow thats quite the list! No rest for the weary ;) all fun stuff!

  3. Yes, to all of this! It's going to be an amazing summer! :)

  4. Let the fun begin!!! I would like all of this list, except in Alaskan form? Not sure what the conversion is there, but we hike a lot. haha

  5. EKK!! So excited for all the summer shenanigans to take place! I'm thinking a trip to DW is totally on our Summer To Do list. Putting my list together as we, or type, or whatever. AND DIDN'T YOU KNOW? COUNTRY MUSIC IS SUMMER MUSIC!! ;)

    I MISS YOU!!

  6. Sounds like you have lots of "tasty" things planned for this summer! :)


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