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so we bought a pool


This house came with a hot tub. It was a decent hot tub per se, just the cover was decrepit and a bit of an eye sore. We debated what to do with it. Matt has a sort of allergic reaction to the chemicals in hot tubs...ahem. It can get awkward to divulge anything further. The kids can't use it really unless we lower the temperature... The list goes on.

And then. Like a flash of light from the heavens it occurred to us. Get an inflatable pool. Fill it with water. And sit in it. There were more steps involved including disposing of said hot tub through the use of Facebook friends and reading instructions on chemicals and shocking and ph levels but yes that's the general gist. 

It's a bit perfect for the kids as they can both stand in it. It's a bit perfect for me because if I sit in it I am submerged to my shoulders with room to spread out. And it fits perfectly on the prior residence of the hot tub.

Perfect yes? Except...

Have we ever clarified on here that I am a major worrier? No? Well let it be clarified and cemented in each and every one of your minds: I am a worrier. I worry that the children will climb over the upstairs baby gate while I'm showering, walk down the stairs silently so I don't realize they are no longer with me, unlock the sliding door, move the baby gates on the deck, and trip somehow rendering them unconscious into the pool. Could totally happen. Or I worry that the pool will implode. Or explode? It's like a water bed. And the concrete slab we put it on is gently sloped away from the house so I worry a child will lean on the furthest edge and we will all be floating down river ala Bad Boys. Click the link. It always gives me a snicker.

But! We now have a pool! And Matt gets to fulfill his pipe dream of being a pool boy. And to be honest I sort of miss the smell of chlorine on my skin. Reminds me of my youth. Long... lost... youth.



  1. Would it bother anyone if I worked on my cannon balls?

  2. lol matt and hot tubs. one of our first memories together as a threesome. did i just make that weird? YOU ARE WELCOME. also - i can't wait to join those crazy kiddos and reenact bad boys. best movies.

  3. Oh I miss having a pool!!! Not that we would ever use one since the high here in the tundra is all of 57. But I miss it nonetheless. I have the same paranoid thoughts about everything! Have you read about secondary drowning? The instructor at the boys swim lessons told me about it, and now I think I am doomed forever. (maybe I shouldn't have told you). But pool!! FUN!!!

  4. oh my gosh, this is perfect. i would worry about all that stuff too... but really. that's amazing!! also, i am not a hot tub fan. not. at all.

  5. Aria doesn't understand blowing out instead of sucking in when her face touches the water. That's the fun we have in the pool. I thought that was just a natural life preserving instinct. Other than that though, love that I can get in that pool too. We just spent our after nap in there and I neglected to plan a thing for dinner because we didn't want to get out. Sounds more fun than a hot tub too.

  6. Best parental move ever - pool. Nice work guys :)

  7. This pool, those faces and a cold drink. Hakuna Matata. ;)

  8. Love the pix of the kids. They are so enjoying the pool! Good solution...I've actually thought of buying a kiddie pool for our yard (it's too small for a regular pool). And as for worrying...I totally get it. I'd like to tell you that you'll grow out of it, but I haven't yet!


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