millions of cherries

There is a place not too far from here that grows things. This place grows cherries. This place grows peaches. This place grows apples and it grows pumpkins. We can go here from June to October and go here we do. 

I have dragged my mother and sister here often enough, but always in the fall months. This was the first time they both went to Cherry Hill Orchards for actual cherries. Dark.... sweet... cherries. See? The proof is in the picture.

The weather was the most perfect cherry picking weather. The kids generally cooperated and Letty did many more renditions of, is it right (ripe)? She's a great fruit picker I've found. Although I fear when it comes times for peach season I'll be many many many pounds of peaches in trouble. I drove away from this cherry orchard five pounds of cherries heavier. Most of which I froze. To do what with I'm not sure but I am open to any and all suggestions.