landscaping. before and after.

We have always been big landscapers. I like a good manicured garden. Since the welcoming of children though I have been less than happy about things like weeding or dead-heading. This house has about a tenth of the gardens our old house had and about a hundredth of the up-keep. While the old house was gorgeous and I loved everything we did there, I was welcoming a bit of a slow down when it came to up-keep. 

I took basically no photos outside when we moved in for the following reasons:
-dog hair everywhere
-it was March and freezing
-dog hair everywhere

But here are some photos of the guys delivering our playset, which was taken down and  moved from our old house.

Exciting stuff.

This is the front of the house before and taken in much warmer weather:


We trimmed the bushes and power washed.... we painted all the shutters and the door. We tore out a bush and added two more. Mulched. Etc. Oh and new lights. New lights all around!

As far as the back goes I have zero in the photo department. See above for explanation. Here are the after photos:

In the back we added a bunch of bushes around the base of the deck, as well as a river birch in the back corner (not pictured). We removed all signs of dog hair after a few brushes of the lawn. We power washed and stained the deck. We installed a pergola and just brought over our furniture of course. Fun times all around.

And yes mom I know I need to dead-head my geraniums and I know there are some weeds under the deck but I don't want to go under there because of such things called spiders and so yes. I am aware.

For more room tours click HERE.



  1. At the crawfish boil I literally said to T ... "wait which house was yours?!" LOL I didn't recognize it at all!

  2. Amazing work - so much work!

  3. Lovely lovely! You two sure have a way of making a house into a beautiful home :)

  4. I like it! So lush and green!! I can't wait to stop moving every couple years and be able to put some real work into a yard!

  5. I love your planters. I've been wanting some forever but I just can't seem to justify spending $50 bucks each on them. Maybe I'll cave one day.. Everything looks amazing! I love landscaping, but not the up keep. My front yard is in need of some major love.

  6. ha at your message to your mom. I haven't a clue what dead heading it but it just sounds dangerous! Esp if spiders are involved. Just say no!
    K so there was dog hair all over outside? what the heck kind of dog did they have, or did they have 82? ick. I hate hair. My cat laid on my bed, the bed that I just washed yesterday, and got hair all over it. I was so mad.

  7. I want to live there too. Or at least have you come do mine next. Love the back porch!

  8. Love it! also... looks like a perfect spot to catch fireflies!


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